Dad, where’s his head?

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Everyday Life. This photo came to my mind when I thought about my entry. In parque de Madrid, we came across this person. Is he real? We stood for a while, noticing him. A curious child went forward to investigate. Still confused, he inquires his already puzzled parents. As a tourist, this scene was a little surprising. But for the person sitting in the chair, it’s part of his Everyday Life. Why is he there? Economic crisis or some other reasons? The answer is a mystery…

Headless, Parque de Madrid, Spain

Headless, Parque de Madrid, Spain

6 thoughts on “Dad, where’s his head?

  1. Great title for a great photo. I’m inspired for more taglines… but from the point of view of the man.

    -“No son, THAT’S Dr. Jekyll. I’m the INVISIBLE man”
    -“And now, my turtle impression!”
    -“Just reading Ichabod Crane’s obituary. Heh heh heh”
    -“I used to be a giant Praying Mantis. But then I met this girl…”
    -“What, can’t a coat rack have a day off?”

    • Thanks. I liked your point of view. I will try for more taglines in my upcoming pictures.
      But what surprised me more was the curiosity of the kid. When I along with other adults were just staring at this chair guy, the children went forward. But this boy went around the chair multiple times, puzzled but didn’t stop. And finally he inquired his confused father. But the curious me only took this picture..unanswered till this moment..

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