Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

My first entry to the Photo Challenge of WordPress. When I saw the challenge, there were many pictures that came to my mind, especially the ones from Barcelona. Barcelona being such a large city with its own beach, there were many pictures that I had taken that luckily matched the theme. But when I think about Barcelona, the one thing that come to my mind is Sagrada Familia. The architecht Gaudi conceived the Basilica from the ideas of nature. I spent a lot of time in the museum of Sagrada Familia understanding the various elements of nature that inspired Gaudi.

In front of Sagrada Familia, there is a small park where you can find a large crowd of people admiring the beauty of the Basilica. We found a man creating large soap bubbles that the children were eagerly waiting to burst.

I saw raised hands in this picture: one near and two raised ones on a crucifix in the distant.
One, the creation of nature and the other, creation of man…

Near And Far, near Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Hands: Near And Far, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona