Who belled the Cat?

After finding the living statues in Las Ramblas, our next destination was the cat. Yes, a cat. No, not a living object this time. A friend told us about this statue. She had told us that it is a must see art. Near the column of Christopher Columbus, we found the directions for Ramblas del Raval, where we could find it. And we started walking. Ramblas del Raval is not as crowded as Las Ramblas. We walked slowly, taking a look at all the directions. There were tall skyscrapers on the way. Yet it didn’t interest us much. Our destination was the cat. When our friend told us about this cat, I wasn’t very keen to see this statue. But since Ramblas del Raval was in our list of places to visit, I was ready.

There it is, our cat. We would have missed our cat. What? A cat hiding in the side of the Rambla under big trees. A big cat. A very big cat. Never in my dreams had I expected such a big cat. The picture in my mind was the head of a cat protruding out of a wall. And what was waiting for me was a big cat stationed on Rambla del Raval, ready to walk. I noticed its big tail floating in the sky, its big belly.

The Botero Cat, Ramblas del Raval, Barcelona, Spain

The Botero Cat, Ramblas del Raval, Barcelona, Spain

Soon I noticed something. Yes, a big bell on its neck. So finally, somebody was successful to bell the cat. I only wished the rats had seen this. It was belled by none other than the famous artist Fernando Botero. This cat is famously known as the Botero Cat or the Raval Cat. For me it is the belled cat. Thanks to my friend, I was able to see this beautiful piece of art. So next time when you are in Barcelona, don’t forget about this big cat in the sides of Ramblas del Raval.