Abanico (Hand Fan), Barcelona

Walk on the streets of Barcelona, you will find many women holding the hand fan called Abanico in Spain. At first glance, it was a bit of surprise for me since Hand Fans remind me of China. On checking the wikipedia entry, I found that the hand fans were in use in Greece and they became famous in European countries in the seventeenth century.

Spain, thanks to its hot climate requires such an object for cooling. Women in different countries use variety of objects to protect themselves from the hot climate. And in Spain, they use Abanico, the foldable hand fans.

These are some colorful hand fans on sale in Barcelona.

Abanico (Hand Fan), Barcelona, Spain

Abanico (Hand Fan) on sale in Barcelona, Spain

If you have traveled in Barcelona before, you also find that some tourist guides using it as a tool for guidance. They raise the hand fan to guide the people in the back of the crowd.

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