Photography: Experiencing or Recording?

And people say, ‘Life must be experienced’. I recently came across articles and books on life as an experience. Thanks to many social networking sites, people are spending most of the time recording events of their lives, instead of experiencing. And the authors point us to any concert or historical monument where you will find more people photographing or recording. The same is true with me. Due to my great interest in photography and traveling, I can be found among those herd of people.

Yesterday, I came across articles on post production of the photographs. After immense reading and experimenting on my old photographs. I got some good results. I remember one of my friends saying that photography is not just about camera. I had disagreed with him. Not any more. Photographs is not just about camera. Camera is just like a chisel in the hands of sculptor. If the sculptor wishes, he can turn any stone to David (Read Michelangelo’s David).

All this while, I had been uploading my travel photographs without any reworking. Somehow I was uncomfortable with the idea on processing the photographs. But now I feel that I was missing something very important. Henceforth, no photographs without rework.

Now back to the topic I initially touched upon. While reworking on the pictures, those old memories came back to me again. Even though, the photographs were taken years before, I was able to recollect all those little moments during the travel. Had I not these pictures, all those memories would have turned vague like droplets in the sea. A balance between recording and experiencing is needed. This is how it works for me. So until next time, see me taking pictures….