Buffaloes in Tea Estates, Wayanad

Wayanad is famous for its tea estates. Every where you see, you can see small and large mountains covered with tea gardens. And depending on the season, you can see the workers plucking the tea leaves and you can buy tea leaves (green tea) from these tea estates.

During my Wayanad trip, I decided to take a couple of pictures of animals other than my usual style of taking the pictures of natural and scenic beauty. Here is another picture: buffaloes grazing in the tea estates. You can also see a couple of egret birds (I assume that’s what they are called). This is a form of symbiosis where the birds eat the parasites found on the bodies of the cattle. So the birds get their food and the buffaloes get relief from the parasites

Buffaloes, Wayanad,  Kerala, India

Buffaloes, Wayanad, Kerala, India