Across the River Ganges

Varanasi (also known as Banaras) is one of the important historic cities in India. It is famous for its ghats. Ghats are steps leading to a water body, in this case, the River Ganges. Varanasi has many ghats. I got a great opportunity to visit some of these ghats and the temples situated on these ghats.

A boat ride along the ghats is really a refreshing experience. There are plenty of boats available on the banks. A little bargaining and you can enjoy  a pleasant ride.

Boats in River Ganges, Varanasi

Boats in River Ganges, Varanasi

But make sure that you make an early morning boat ride. You can feel the beauty of the river at its best.

The overflowing river was a hindrance to go across. It was a  desire that was left unfulfilled…