Miles to Travel….

Humans are not stationery beings. We move. And we move to different places for various reasons. The only choice before the primitive humans long before they discovered the tools for agriculture was to move from place to place in search of food and water. Gradually they started to settle down in some places of convenience, mostly near the river sides. That’s the reason, we have the civilizations near the river basins (For example Egyptian civilization near the River Nile, Indus valley civilization near the Indus river). They started building huge cities, which were completely self-dependent in all respects. This settlement brought an end to the life of uncertainty associated with travel.

But some people still prefer to be nomads. Though these days, we cannot see them in large numbers. The nomads prefer the life of movement. No place has ever been able to make them stay. They travel and explore new horizons. They have many unique stories to tell. With every new place, they find a treasure trove of knowledge. The uncertainties of life don’t deter them to stop. They move on..

Are we nomads? Ponder for a while before answering “NO!”. Take a look at your life right from your childhood to the present time. How many times did you change your house? How many times did you change your city or village? And even if you are one of those people who claim to have their own houses, at some point of your life, you would have stayed in college/school hostels or dormitories. If you haven’t done that, you would have changed your place of stay on getting a new job. But don’t be disappointed if your answer for all the above statements was a plain “No”. I have met many people in the past, who, at the time of meeting had never changed their place of stay. They were born and brought up in the same place. And they also managed to get a job in the same city. So some (or most) of us aren’t nomads at all.

Let’s keep aside the topic of nomadic life. How many of us travel? When I say about travel, it’s not just about some vacation trips to a far off city or country. We all travel for our work, for purchasing food items, for study. We travel to an adjoining city, village or a far off country for camping, family functions and, parties. Some of us detest travel while others can’t wait to hear about the upcoming holiday or travel discounts.

I love traveling. I never missed any opportunity of travel. So be it a marriage function or a tour, the moment I hear that it’s in a different town, you can find me in the top of list. Traveling is ever a great experience for me. I like to discover new places, cultures and geography. After the end of every travel, I may be tired for few hours. But the lessons from the travel overtake the fatigue. Travelling opens new doors of opportunities. Though some of us may not be aware of these opportunities. But every travelling experience creates a lasting impact on each of us, in our thinking and in our life. We are not left confined to our own little worlds, but come across multiple worlds of thoughts and culture.

Miles to travel is a collection of some of my travelling experiences, which I want to share with the world.

River Ganges, Varanasi, India

River Ganges, Varanasi, India